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Available Appointments on June 26, 2022


Please note: Deposit €25,- per Person.
Of course this will be discounted off your bill. We keep reservations for 15 minutes.
If you cancel a booking we will exchange the amount for a voucher.

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    Drinks & Bar Food

    Our drink concept is epitomized by our seasonal cocktail menus (including our special “Cocktails on Tap”). Also of note is our unique wine and champagne selection.

    Wanna shake it yourself?

    Choose one of our workshops from our online shop & we’ll show you how!

    We offer real-life and online courses. Ideal for friends, families or companies.

    The marvelous

    Hunky Dory Bar

    New opening hours:
    WED-THU 6-1pm
    FRI 6-2pm
    SAT 7-2pm

    Laurent Fine dining,
    107 Duncan Avenue, New York
    Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pmxy